WP6 - Project organization and management

WP6 Leader: Prof. Marco Ajmone Marsan (PoliTO)

The goal of WP6 is to ensure that the overall objectives of the TREND, as outlined in the proposal, will be achieved within the foreseen time and budget. The Project Office will ensure an efficient decision process and a flexible and experienced coordination of the project activities, provide full and timely compliance with EU administrative and reporting requirements, as well as a prompt management of risks and unforeseen events.

Project management activities distinguish strategic coordination from operational management (for the detailed description of management structure and procedures see Section B.2.1). A continuous interaction between the two levels will be guaranteed by the Project Coordinator, who is responsible for the overall coordination and management supervision. WP6 is organized in three tasks:

  • T6.1: Strategic project coordination
  • T6.2: Operational management
  • T6.3: Website and electronic tools