WP5 - Dissemination and outreach

WP5 Leader: Prof. Carmen Guerrero (UC3M)

The main objective of WP5 is to increase the visibility and impact of the TREND NoE research community at both European and global levels. This main objective can be achieved by working into the following directions:

  • Dissemination of the scientific and technical results of WP1, WP2, WP3 and WP4, and of the Integrated Research Actions (IRAs) and Joint Experimental Activities (JEAs) planned therein. The main instruments are the scientific publications at top conferences and journals, promotion and organization of workshops, conferences, events with the industry and special issues in journals (which will be coordinated by WP5, and possibly implemented within other WPs).
  • Technology transfer to the industry by establishing synergies with the industrial and academic communities, possibly in collaboration with other research projects active in the same area.
  • Standardization activities by liaison and contribution in relevant bodies (IETF, ITU, 3GPP...).
  • Training activities to support and strengthen the dissemination objective.
  • Coordination with other research projects at EU level on concertation and cluster activities and global level.

The work on this WP5 is structured in the following tasks:

  • Task 5.1: Organization of conferences [M01-M36]
  • Task 5.2: Teaching and Training [M09-M36]
  • Task 5.3: Standardization activities [M06-M36]
  • Task 5.4: External relations [M03-M36]
  • Task 5.5: Editorial activities [M03-M36]