WP3 - Energy-efficiency in core networks

WP3 Leader: Esther Le Rouzic (Orange)

WP3 will coordinate integration efforts in the area of energy-efficient network design, management, and service aspects that are relevant in the metro and core transport networks. Specific solutions that optimize the energy consumption will be found by putting together research groups with different background and expertise. Since the future evolution of core and metro networks are of prime interest for network operators, two of the major European telecom operators (FT and TID) have a strong commitment in this WP. Proposal for architectures or energy efficient solutions will benefit from the expertise of industrial partners with respect to their operational feasibility and applicability. Moreover, studies will be strongly supported by academics partners with significant previous experience in the energy awareness and research excellence reputation. Activities of the work package will build on existing research with the aim to improve it in the field of core and metro networks. For example partners will contribute to identify effective guidelines for the design core and metro networks, and will also explore new technologies that could give a disruptive advantage in terms of energy efficiency.

The existing know-how of partners contributing to the work package is organized along the following three Technical Domains:

  • Energy-efficient design of core nodes
  • Energy-efficient design of core networks
  • Energy-efficient service provisioning and content distribution
  • The three TDs correspond to a division of WP3 topics into different technical ground (equipments, transport network architecture, service network architecture). This technical separation will ease collaboration between partners having the same main interest and technical background and help them to integrate their effort in a more focused way.
  • TD 3.1 Energy-efficient core devices
  • TD 3.2 Energy-efficient design of core networks
  • TD 3.3 Energy-efficient service provisioning and content distribution

A specific commitment was given by partners on the following IRAs. The subjects covered by the proposed IRAs account for partners’ expertise, and correspond to critical open issues for today’s networks: What is the improvement margin for today’s networks if we implement sleep mode on equipment? What is the energy price to pay for traffic protection (i.e., service quality)?

  • IRA 3.1 (related to TD 3.2): Energy-efficient use of network core resources
  • IRA 3.2 (related to TD 3.2): Energy-efficient protection schemes

WP2 is organized in the following 4 tasks.

  • Task 3.1 [M03-M21]: IRA “Energy-efficient use of network core resources”
  • Task 3.2 [M15-M33]: IRA “Energy-efficient protection schemes”
  • Task 3.3 [M01-M36]: Research activities within Technical Domains 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3
  • Task 3.4 [M06-M36]: WP3 spreading of excellence activities, including providing expertise on WP3 Technical Domains to other WPs and to the technical community at the large