WP1 - Assessment of power consumption in ICT

WP1 leader: Prof. Mario Pickavet (iMinds)

The economical and ecological importance of energy efficiency considerations has recently created a tremendous momentum in ICT research and industry. Both have begun to investigate and develop diverse methodologies for energy consumption measurement and assessment on one side, and power control technologies that enable power saving in ICT environments on the other side. However, it is unclear to which extent the multitude of proposed approaches can be applied within the wider scope of a coherent holistic energy-efficient network architecture.

To investigate this, WP1 will realise an integration effort to combine the knowledge and viewpoints on various network segments from the involved partners together with other important information sources and research initiatives (e.g. related European IP and STReP projects, or industrial consortia such as GreenTouch). This integration effort will be crucial and indispensable to thoroughly analyse the state-of-the-art with respect to both energy consumption and power control, and evaluate which networking methodologies and technologies should be fruitfully considered in energy-friendly networks. The main research topics of this integration activity are:

  • Assessment and estimation of network energy consumption
  • Identification of major causes for network energy consumption
  • Identification of key impacting factors to energy consumption
  • Assessment and potential of photonic technologies and low-power electronics
  • Consideration of energy-efficient strategies at the physical layer of wireless networks
  • Analysis of the packet-switching versus circuit-switching paradigm
  • Proposing guidelines for policies and economical incentives to promote energy-efficient behavior

To structure the research integration and dissemination activities in WP1, three main Technical Domains (1.1, 1.2 and 1.3) were identified.

  • TD 1.1: Estimation of power consumption in ICT and collection of data
  • TD 1.2: Assessment of the energy-saving potential of network technologies and protocols
  • TD 1.3: Guidelines for policies and incentives to stimulate energy-efficiency in networks

Two specific topics deserve special attention and are therefore identified as Integrated Research Actions.  

  • IRA1.1: Collection of data about energy consumption in network elements and subsystems
  • IRA1.2: Comparison of circuit versus packet switching paradigm in terms of energy efficiency

WP1 is organized in the following 4 tasks.

  • Task 1.1 [M03-M21]: IRA “Collection of data about energy consumption in network elements and subsystems”
  • Task 1.2 [M15-M33]: IRA “Comparison of circuit versus packet switching paradigm in terms of energy efficiency”
  • Task 1.3 [M01-M36]: Research activities within Technical Domains 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3
  • Task 1.4 [M06-M36]: WP1 spreading of excellence activities, including providing expertise on WP1 Technical Domains to other WPs and to the technical community at the large