Training and Teaching activities

The TREND consortium is mostly concerned with the advance of state of the art in both the scientific community and the industry. In particular, for the academic partners (PoliTO, UC3M, iMinds, TUB, EPFL, CNIT and UTH) PhD programme studies are regarded as the more proficient way to integrate in the project research activities with more business oriented activities. Collaboration between partners in the consortium will ensure to universities fresh material for their teaching classes and seminars, thus increasing tomorrow’s students’ skills.

A key objective is spreading excellence within and outside the project through the organization and execution of courses aimed at a Master Programme in Energy Efficient ICT. Number of experts experienced in university teaching and R&D, involved in the TREND NoE will create curricula for common Master study in the field. The teaching material produced for these courses is collected, reviewed by selected partners, and made available through the project website.

TREND will propose, encourage and support initiatives for establishment of permanent Master study in Energy-efficient ICT that could continue its work even after the end of the project.

TREND will offer cooperation in education to other bodies from academia, industry and industrial associations at both EU and global levels.

Summer School on energy-efficient networking has been organized, primarily aimed at PhD students, but also open to external participation. Teaching based upon TREND courses will be experimented at the school. Further info