Technical Focus

TREND focus:

  • Contribution to both “retrofit” of existing networks and “clean slate” design of new networks
  • Scope limited to networking; e.g., no direct attention to the estimation of the carbon footprint of the full lifetime of an electronic device, nor to power-related tradeoffs due to ICT technologies (e.g., the energy cost of telecommuting vs. the energy cost of physical commuting)

TREND topics:  Energy efficiency in network infrastructures:

  • Estimation of power consumption in ICT and collection of data
  • Assessment of the fundamental energy-saving potential of network technologies and protocols
  • Guidelines for policies and incentives to stimulate energy-efficiency in networks
  • Redesign the home equipment for energy efficient communications
  • Organizing the flying bits: saving energy on wireless access
  • Power on/off strategies for energy saving and transparent connectivity
  • Energy-efficient networking equipment
  • Energy-efficient network design and control
  • Energy-efficient service provisioning and content distribution
  • Energy-efficient protection schemes
  • Tools for power management and power management protocols