TREND Consortium is composed by the following partners:

To provide the best possible results, TREND will be conducted by a reasonably small team comprising a carefully selected mix of competences and experiences, reflecting the different viewpoints of such a broad (and rather interdisciplinary) problem.

  • Network operators (FW, TID, FT) will contribute their experience on network design, planning, and management, as well as their viewpoint about the applicability of the considered approaches to networks in operation and to networks of the future; they will provide a test environment for some of the approaches identified during the project. Moreover, they will contribute with their experience in service and content delivery, as well as in data center and service farm location and organization.
  • Equipment manufacturers (ALBLF, HWDU) will contribute their competence on the design of key networking elements, and experiment some of the techniques proposed in the project, or assess their feasibility in present and future networks.
  • Academic and industrial research groups in communications and networking (PoliTO, UC3M, IBBT, TUB, EPFL, CNIT, UTH) will develop innovative solutions at all levels for energy efficient networking, from component architectures, to protocols and algorithms, to network architecture, to design and management algorithms, typically taking a long-term perspective. Research institutions and universities will be able to involve in TREND also their experts in the areas of energy (generation, transport, and exploitation) and economics.
  • Partners with significant experience in network management and monitoring application design will contribute to the creation of a prototype that provides a proof of concept testbed to collect power consumption data, to control the power state of devices, and to show in general the feasibility of the proposed approaches in the medium/long term.