NoE organization

Activities in TREND are organized in the following 6 work-packages (WPs):

WP1, WP2, and WP3 identify a technical common ground which is the domain for pursuing through research the integration and restructuring aims of the Network of Excellence. Integration, exploitation of complementary expertise and rationalization of research efforts will take place through the following actions:

  • Integrated Research Actions (IRAs), organized within WPs with dedicated resources, will involve several partners on carefully selected and well-defined technical topics, and will be open to Collaborating Institutions. They will proactively foster integration and research structuring. IRAs will have a limited duration (e.g., 15 months) and will be funded with a dedicated portion of the available budget.
  • Similarly to IRAs, WP4 will instantiate Joint Experimental Activities (JEAs), by which personnel of different partners will conduct common experimental activities (enabled by mobility actions), sharing lab infrastructures and facilities across different institutions.
  • Mobility: both students and researchers will attain durable integration effects by moving to one another’s location for pursuing joint research and/or experimental work.
  • Sharing of equipment: lab equipment and facilities will be shared by means of personnel mobilities (as geographically moving equipment is difficult to do in practice), properly supported by the hosting partner; remote access to devices and facilities will be exploited when available; moreover, components in prototype realizations can be made available to the consortium under proper agreements.
  • Joint papers: joint publications, i.e., publications with contribution by more than one partner, will be both a way to come to an agreed viewpoint on technical matters within the consortium, and a visible and effective outcome of the integration process for spreading knowledge outside the consortium.


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