Main Activities

The NoE objectives will be reached through:

  • Coordination and creation of an identity for the European research on energy-efficient networking through integration and collaboration amongst the different research groups involved in the Network of Excellence
  • Definition of specific technical objectives to be jointly pursued within the Network of Excellence. Specific Integrated Research Actions (IRAs), implemented internally to the NoE, will be open to external collaborations, and will play an important jump-start role in fostering integration and building synergies over complementary technical backgrounds and viewpoints
  • Establishing contacts and links to national programmes and to projects outside the FP7-framework to exchange information and expertise, and to jointly work towards the definition of approaches that can be most effective in reducing the energy used by telecom infrastructures
  • Organization of workshops specifically targeting the dissemination of the TREND know-how and view on green networking to non-R&D participants, i.e. industrial representatives & policy makers. These workshops will make visible both the available expertise and the support that TREND is offering as a distributed centre of excellence, as well as the results obtained on hot issues through its Integrated Research Actions

Expected achievements include:

  • collecting data to assess the power consumption of terminals, devices and infrastructures
  • identifying energy-friendly devices, technologies, protocols and architectures, and investigating how they can be introduced in operational networks
  • defining new energy-aware network design criteria
  • experimentally proving the effectiveness of the proposed approaches

An holistic approach is taken, considering all network segments, from user terminals, to access networks, to backbones, to data centers, both in evolutionary scenarios and in clean-slate designs.