Logistic information for Phd School, Turin 1-5 July 2013

The Phd course will take place at Politecnico di Torino - Dipartimento di Elettronica e Telecomunicazioni conference room which is located close to the main builiding of the university.

kick-off meeting place Politecnico di Torino


Kick-off meeting Corso Castelfidardo Politecnico di Torino

The Politecnico di Torino has a complex structure so it is easy to get lost inside...In the maps above are highlighted some reference points:

  • The big orange rectangle is the Politecnico main building. This structure is connected to the "GM - General Motors" building through two "wings/bridges".
  • The wing/bridge on the left highlighted with the green rectangle is the DET building where the conference room is located.

NOTE: the street crossing the bridges/wings is Corso Castelfidardo and not Corso Mediterraneo as specified on Google maps

To get to the conference room from Porta Nuova Train station, you can either walk (15m) or take the bus (5m). From Porta Nuova train station you can take both line 58 and 33 which stop at the positions indicated on the map (see the map at the bottom of this page). Tickets are sold at newsagent shops for 1.5€ each but multiple days tickets are available (see transportation below).


From/to the Airport:

  • If you are traveling by plane, Caselle airport is connected with the city though SADEM buses departing each 15/30min from the airport and stopping at both "Porta Nuova" and "Porta Susa" stations. Check the timetable. Tickets are sold on the bus (7.50€) or from a vending machine (7.00€).
  • Alternatively, you can get a taxi (fare about 30€ to Torino city centre, 35€ to the Politecnico campus. Tell the driver to stop at the new General Motors builing in Corso Castelfidardo 36 if you are coming directly from the airport. The conference room entrance will be on the left bridge looking at the GM entrance.
  • There is also a train connecting Torino Caselle Airport to the city, but it stops only at Torino Dora train station, from where you have to get a bus to go to Torino Porta Nuova or Porta Susa train stations.

How to reach Politecnico di Torino:

There is a single metro line in the city connecting important points while the rest of the city is covered by bus and tram lines.

  • from Porta Nuova Train station, you can take the BUS line 58 or 33 or walking (it takes approximatively 15/20mins).
  • from Porta Susa Train station, you can either walk (10/15min) or take the TRAM line 10 in from of the train station. The tram stops in front of the Politecnico main entrance in Corso Duca degli Abruzzi. You have then to go through the Politecnico builing to get to the new part of the campus.
  • from both train stations you catch the metro up to Vinzaglio stop and then get to Politecnico by feet (6-7 mins) on Corso Castelfidardo.

The reference site for the public transportation is GTT web site. Tickets are sold at newsagent shops for 1.5€ each and it is possible to buy single bus/metro tickets, or to buy a 2day or 3day ticket that gives access to all public transportation.


Torino offers many turistic attractions such as monuments and museums. Comune di Torino offers a collection of usefuls links about attractions and events in Torino.

Check also TurismoTorino website for other useful infomation. In particular there are some cards for 2/3 and more days that allows you to acces public transportation and more than 180 different cultural sites.