Fastweb SPA

FASTWEB is Italy's second-largest fixed telecommunications service provider. Since 1999, the year it was established in Milan, FW invested over € 3,6 billion in a new-generation fiber network spanning more than 26,000 km. and covering 50% of the Italian population.

In FW, the NGN is already a reality: by implementing the IP protocol on its alternative fiber network, FW provides a triple play offer of voice, data/Internet and video services, available simultaneously on a single connection, for residential and business clients. A worldwide first at the time of its launch in 2001, today FW TV offers thousands of titles from analog channels, to theme channels, video-on-demand and interactive services. Its TV has been available on ADSL since 2003 and is considered “an IPTV model for all world TLC operators” (WSJ, September 7, 2006). With FW, users can make VoIP calls on their home phones, surf the Internet at the top access rate available today in Italy, and simultaneously watch digital cable TV. FW delivers the best in connectivity, user friendliness and support.

Business users account for 18% of FW clients and 58% of revenues. On the business market, FW is the provider of choice in terms of service reliability and price-performance. On the government market, FW became the main supplier of fixed telephone and data services to the Central Public Agencies.

Established in 1999 and listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since March 2000, FW has leveraged the strength of its initial business plan and consistently met its financial projections to become a new economy success and one of the top Italian stocks in the S&P index.

A top player in Italian industry, FW has also made a significant contribution to job creation (approximately 3,500 employees and at least 3,000 jobs in allied industries), with a young and highly qualified workforce (average age of 30, 30% university graduates).

On May 15, 2007, the friendly bid launched by Swisscom was completed and Swisscom now owns 82.1% of FW equity.