Collaborating institutions

TREND established formal collaborations with prestigious international research groups, using the role of Collaborating Institutions (see below). This role permits the participation of external institutions to technical and research structuring activities, according to a plan proposed by them and agreed with the JPA Committee, with the consequent spreading of excellence beyond the consortium itself.

  • The CIs have access to internal project information and participate in the activities of TREND according to the terms defined in the Collaborating Institution Agreement, which the Coordinator signs on behalf of the Consortium (the NoE Consortium Agreement will contains specific provision on the terms of participation).
  • The CIs are not refunded for the effort spent in the joint activities implemented within the NoE, but travel expenses (incurred by TREND partners and by CIs) to participate to specific joint activities may be covered by the project budget. Mobility actions from and to Collaborating Institutions may be funded by the involved TREND partner institution.

 The current CIs are listed below: