IEEE INFOCOM CrossCloud 2014

A workshop looking at interoperability and cross cloud integration. This aims to address the emerging divergence of cloud providers, APIs and services. 

Abstract submission deadline is December 8th 2014.

Cloud computing provides great potential in terms of meeting elastic computational demands. This applies to requirements regarding hardware specifications (number of cores, CPU architecture, memory size, etc.), software stack (operating system, libraries, runtime environments, etc.), and other criteria (such as cost models, geographical location, etc.). This circumvents a lot of the restrictions associated with distributed systems that preceded the cloud.

However, vendor lock-in is a common and serious hindrance in cloud platforms. Cloud service providers have understandable reasons to retain users and hence some may not be motivated to support portability or interoperability with other competitors in the cloud market. From the user's perspective, however, vendor lock-in could involve substantial development and maintenance costs, and could extend to serious concerns such as privacy and security.

Hence, more research is called for in order to rise above the shortcomings of one solution and to support data and application portability across different cloud platforms. Sharing experiences and strategies is the obvious first step in this direction. The CrossCloud workshop will help in bringing these issues to light, and to present the latest approaches to address the associated challenges.

We solicit technical papers on the design, implementation, and evaluation of federated cloud architectures. We also invite position papers reviewing the state of the art, open issues, and standardization efforts. Submissions will be referred by at least 3 TPC members. Papers will be selected based on their technical merit and the experience they present to the emerging field of cloud federation. All accepted workshop papers will be published via IEEE Xplore. Authors of the best papers will also be invited to submit an extended version of their work to a special article collection at the SpringerOpen Journal of Internet Services and Applications (JISA).

Important Dates

Abstract registration: December 8 2013 23:59 GMT (optional)
Paper submission: December 15 2013 23:59 GMT (hard deadline)
Author notification: February 3 2014

Program Chairs

Gordon S. Blair (Lancaster University, UK)
Raouf Boutaba (University of Waterloo, Canada)
Yehia Elkhatib (Lancaster University, UK)