Plenary meeting, Volos 1-5 October 2012

Plenary meeting, Volos 1-5 October 2012


The next TREND 2nd Year Meeting will be held in Volos, Greece, on October 1-5, 2012.

Before the meeting a working session event will take place. This is arranged for Monday and Tuesday 1 & 2 Oct. 2012.

The general structure of the meeting is as follows:

1-2 October 2012: Working Session seminars
3-4 October: TREND & Friends Workshop and Plenary Meeting
5 October: Wrap-up session on topics discussed

WiFi Access is available for the meeting

Location: Tsalapatas Rooftile  and BrickWorks Museum (University of Thessaly premises)

Address:  Tsalapata Museum, Gianitson & Lachana, 38334, Volos, Greece


Monday, Tuesday 1, 2 Oct. 2012 Dagstuhl-like seminar

Rooms: Tsalapata Museum, Gianitson & Lachana, 38334, Volos, Greece (multi purpose room of Tsalapata museum and adjacent rooms with labels indicating each session)

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 3, 4, 5 Oct. 2012 TREND MEETING

Room:  Multi-purpose Hall of Tsalapata Museum



The general structure of the meeting is as follows:

1-2 October 2012: Dagstuhl-like seminar  on the following topics:

  • Content Distribution Infrastructures
  • Algorithms for BS switch-on
  • Energy-Efficiency across the network layers
  • Energy-efficient protection schemes in core optical networks

3 October: TREND & Friends Workshop (open to external researchers)

4 October: Plenary Meeting (discussion on the results and NoE administration)

5 October: Wrap-up session on topics discussed








Below there is list of hotels that are a few minutes walk from there. The order in which hotels are presented is based on location and quality







Indicative rate per night


Hotel Kipseli


Located next to Volos Beach

Address:  Agiou Nikolaou 1 Str.

Tel:+30 24210  24420

Fax: +30 24210 26020

70 €


Hotel Nefeli


Located in the centre of Volos, 5 minutes from the beach

Address: Koumoundourou 10 Str.

Tel:+30 24210 30211-3

Fax: +30 24210 35616

40-45 €


Park Hotel


Located in the heart of the city of Volos, next to the municipal park

Address: Deligiorgi 2 Str.

Tel:+30 24210 36511

Fax: +30 24210 28645

60-70 €

The general hotel area you should choose is the Volos port depicted below (from




Hotel Kypseli is a good choice with nice view .

Hotel Nefeli is probably the nearest to our premises cheap and decent but it is in the city center not the port .

Park Hotel is an option that is also in the port, less expensive than Hotel Kypseli but a few more minutes walk from CERTH premises. 

All these hotels have wifi and are usually our visitors' choice. There are a few other options in this area which you can consider (see, but be careful because some do not have free wifi and others do not have wifi at all.



The city of Volos combines beautiful sea and mountainous areas. The city is famous from the Greek Mythology. The area that the city of Volos is situated was the ancient region of Magnesia, one of the oldest populated corners of the Ancient Helladic land. The first known pre-historic settlements go back to the 7th millennium BC.


The ancient region of Magnesia is the host of some of the most characteristic pages of Greek mythology. It was named after Magnus, the son of the king of wind, Aiolos, who was settled in Pelion. The mountain was the home of the Centaurs, half-human, half-horse looking beasts, which were born from the elegiac union of Ixion and Nefele (Nebula). A famous Centaur was Chiron, who was instrumental in the marriage between Peleus and Thetis. During the wedding ceremony, due to a dispute over the 'Apple of Eris', the Trojan War began. Asclepius, the God of Medicine, as well as Achilles, the hero of Trojan War, were both students of the wise Centaur Chiron. The Argonaut expedition  started also from Magnesia. Please find more information here (


Below you can find a complete city-guide for Volos: