Calendar & Events

TREND supports and promotes events and conferences in the area of Green ICT.

Four levels of conference support are provided by TREND:

  • Advertised events : These are events that TREND considers interesting for the partners, and hence are advertised on the website
  • Supported Events : These are conferences and events that the NoE has supported with active participation by either contributing a large number of papers or/and by organizing a workshop in conjunction with the event etc. Organizers may use the NoE logo upon authorization by the Project Office
  • TREND co-organised Events : These are workshops/events co-organised by TREND. The organizer must have the NoE logo on their website and provide the Project Office with a report on the event, highlighting the TREND contribution
  • TREND Events : These are stand alone events organized by TREND

Event organizers that wish to have a specific workshop/conference endorsed by TREND should contact the TREND Project Office.

Calls for Papers are available here